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A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2 (不一樣的美男子第二季)

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Director: Ding Yangguo Runtime: 45 Status: Completed Episode: 30/30 Release:

A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2 (不一樣的美男子第二季)/This is a living on the ordinary city of young men and women in the fate of the fight against the youth inspirational love story. The story is mainly about the twin sisters early summer ( Kan Qingzi decoration ) and Xiao Jin ( Kan Qingzi decoration ) , due to accident and reunion, but accidentally fell in love with the same boy Guan Hao ( Zhang Yunlong ornaments ) , after repeated hardships and After the birth and death test, on behalf of the justice of the sister early summer with friendship and love to a different course, and love to fight the fate of life, and finally live a happy life. Showing the young people to the pursuit of good love and adhere to, and the positive pursuit of life and love.

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