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Fooling Around Jiang Hu (江湖悲劇)

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Director: Lam Chiu-Wing Status: Onplaying Release:
Title: Fooling Around Jiang Hu
An absurd comedy about the underworld, it all starts with an internet radio program “Crazy Jiang Hu” hosted by King (played by Bob) about the love and hatred among gangsters as well as funny anecdotes of big gangster bosses. The program is immensely popular and well-loved by audience and has become a hot gossip topic.
Nicknamed Egg Tart, the friendly, sociable and handsome underworld godfather Kim (played by Alan Tam) is only fond of singing rather than being the big boss. He always maintains the principle of peace, harmony and stability which has won the support of the gang elders. No less cool and gorgeous is the no. 2 guy, Lung (played by Jordan Chan) who became a gangster because of his love with the gangster image in the movie Young and Dangerous. He believes he has the talent to be the big boss. In order to let Lung have a taste of being the big boss, his wife (played by Christine Ng) sets up a trap to seduce Kim and succeeds in obtaining from him the secret of gaining the esteemed position through singing, and even destroys Kim’s chance of reunion with former lover Ling (played by Jamie Chik).
Meanwhile, just like in the gangster movies A Moment of Romance and With or Without You, social worker Moon (played by Jacky Cai) swears to save the junior gangster Tung (played by Babyjohn) by putting her life at risk and provokes the confrontation between Lung and Kim. Live by the sword, die by the sword. No one can escape the inevitable fate in the dark whirlpool of the underworld. Finally, Kim has to resort to singing to fight back the dark force.
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