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The Game Changer (游戏规则)

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Subtitle: HD EngSub Director: Xixi Gao Runtime: 126 Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: The Game Changer

Lizi Hao ( He Rundong ornaments) and Fang Jie ( Huang Zitao ornaments) after several bloody, becoming the life and death brothers. Unexpectedly, the party has long been an object Jieai Mu – Tang’s daughter Tang flourishing ( Coulee Nazha ornaments) , but then Lizi Hao love at first sight, but this time they also found Lizi Hao sweetheart Lan Ruoyun ( Choo Ja Hyun ornaments) , was arrested in his Period became Mr. Tang ( Wang Xueqi ornaments ) mistress. Mr. Tang to dominate the beach, cloth shaking scam, and the scam is the most important part of Li Zihao. Mr. Tang did not know, Li Zhai’s true identity is the assassination of members of the organization. Mr. Tang finally found the true identity of Zihao, the two positive confrontation, a gunshot, who eventually fell, Fang Jie will choose, flourishing and how to face the father and love life and death of the fighting

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