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Good Witch S0-03/好女巫第三季(2017)

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Subtitle: HD Director: N/a Runtime: 48 min Status: Onplaying Episode: 1 Release:
Title: Good Witch

Catherine Bell reprises her role of Cassie Nightingale in this series based on “The Good Witch” franchise of made-for-TV movies. Nightingale, the titular sorceress, embarks on a magical journey with teenage daughter Grace, who shares her mother’s intuitive charm. When divorced Dr. Sam Radford and his teenage son move next door, they are quickly drawn to the Nightingales’ unique prowess. Sam realizes that Cassie’s signature charm is more than just a magic touch, ensuring the quaint town of Middleton is in for big surprises.

Catherine Bell Catherine Bell
 Cassie Nightingale / … (32 episodes, 2015-2017)
Bailee Madison Bailee Madison
 Grace Russell (32 episodes, 2015-2017)
James Denton James Denton
 Dr. Sam Radford (32 episodes, 2015-2017)
Rhys Matthew Bond Rhys Matthew Bond
 Nick Radford (32 episodes, 2015-2017)
Kylee Evans Kylee Evans
 Stephanie Borden (32 episodes, 2015-2017)
Sarah Power Sarah Power
 Abigail Pershing / … (28 episodes, 2015-2017)
Catherine Disher Catherine Disher
 Mayor Martha Tinsdale / … (23 episodes, 2015-2017)
Dan Jeannotte Dan Jeannotte
 Brandon Russell (20 episodes, 2015-2017)
Noah Cappe Noah Cappe
 Derek Sanders / … (18 episodes, 2015-2017)
Peter MacNeill Peter MacNeill
 George O’Hanrahan / … (14 episodes, 2015-2017)
Kate Corbett Kate Corbett
 Eve (13 episodes, 2015-2017)