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Harley and the Davidsons (2016)/哈雷与戴维森第一季

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Title: Harley and the Davidsons

Harley-Davidson is probably the first thing that comes to most Americans’ minds when they think of motorcycles, but how many people know the story of how the iconic brand was born? This fact-based miniseries tells of the obstacles and risks faced by company founders Walter Davidson, Arthur Davidson and Bill Harley in the early days of the company. The men sought to build their first bikes during a tumultuous time at the turn of the 20th century, which featured great social and technological change. They risked everything for the venture, and it was the motorcycle that brought them together as they looked to achieve their common goal. As time went on, they fought off ruthless competitors on the way to building up their brand that would endure for more than a century.

Series cast summary:
Michiel Huisman Michiel Huisman
 Walter Davidson (3 episodes, 2016)
Bug Hall Bug Hall
 Arthur Davidson (3 episodes, 2016)
Robert Aramayo Robert Aramayo
 Bill Harley (3 episodes, 2016)
Annie Read Annie Read
 Caroline Jachthuber (3 episodes, 2016)
Essa O'Shea Essa O’Shea
 Clara Davidson (3 episodes, 2016)
Daniel Coonan Daniel Coonan
 Big Bill Davidson (3 episodes, 2016)
Rufus Wright Rufus Wright
 CH Lang (3 episodes, 2016)
Cornelius Geaney Jr. Cornelius Geaney Jr.
 Ensemble (3 episodes, 2016)
Ed Birch
 Joe Harley (2 episodes, 2016)
Philip Brodie Philip Brodie
 George Hendee (2 episodes, 2016)
Olimpia Melinte Olimpia Melinte
 May (Red’s Wife) (2 episodes, 2016)
Jane Slavin
 Mary Harley (2 episodes, 2016)
Hera Hilmar Hera Hilmar
 Emma (2 episodes, 2016)
Dragos Panait
 Lawyer / … (2 episodes, 2016)