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Ice Fantasy (幻城)

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Subtitle: HD EngSub Director: Ju Jueliang Zouji Cheng Runtime: 45 Status: Completed Episode: 62/62 Release:

Ice Fantasy – 幻城 (幻城)
Alternate titles: 幻城
Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song
Feng Shao Feng (Prince of Lan Ling) and f(x) member Victoria Song star in an epic fantasy about love, war and deception. After a vicious battle between the Empire of Snow and the Fire Tribe leaves most of the royal family dead, Prince Ka Suo (Feng) reluctantly accepts the throne. This leads to turmoil with his half-brother, Yin Kong Shi (Mandopop singer Ma Tian Yu), who now decides to become the Fire Prince, leading the tribe that works against his brother. Meanwhile, Ka Suo also loses the woman he loves, Li Luo (Song), the fearless envoy for the guards he was not allowed to marry because she wasn’t of royal birth. Years ago, the battle destroyed Ka Suo’s family, love and empire; now, another war threatens to end the last relation he has left. Adding to the tension is the Fire Prince’s mother, Lian Ji (Faith lead lady Kim Hee Sun), an invincible supreme being who causes chaos for fun, and the Fire Tribe’s royal daughter Yan Da (critically-acclaimed actress Zhang Meng), a stubborn girl with a dangerous interest in Yin Kong Shi.

Based on the best-selling novel City of Fantasy by Guo Jing Ming, Ice Fantasy is directed by Ju Jue Liang and features set designs from Dan Hennah. The drama also features work from the international visual effects company Pixomondo. Filming began in August 2015 throughout various parts of Beijing and Inner Mongolia, with production completing in February 2016. The show will air on Hunan TV, with an expected run of 62 episodes.

The full cast for Ice Fantasy includes Feng Shao Feng as Ka Suo, Victoria Song as Li Luo, Ma Tian Yu as Yong Kong Shi, Zhang Meng as Yan Da, Shao Bing as the Ice King, Gong Beibi as the Ice Queen, Kim Hee Sun as Lian Ji, Cheng Pei Pei as the Ice family priest, Li Sheng as Qian Ying, Chang Fu Huang as Zhu Gong, Lu Zhen Zi as Luna, Hu Bing as the Fire King, Shu Ya Xin as Shuo Gang, Jiang Chao as Xin Jue, Huang De Yi as Qin Chu, Huang Hai Bing as Ke Tuo, Qin Yong as Lu Zhao, Qu Ni Ci Ren as Yang Dan, Xu Jiao as Xing Gui, Xu Ke as Xing Jiu, Tie Zheng as Qian Hao, Li Hao Han as Huang Ang, Wang Duo as Huang Tuo, Chen Xin Yu as Chao Ya, Zhang Yu Jian as Pian Feng, and Mai Di Na as Sang Lan.

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