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Kevin Can Wait S0-01(2017)/等待夕阳好第一季

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Subtitle: HD Director: N/a Runtime: 30 min Status: Onplaying Episode: 23 Release:
Title: Kevin Can Wait

When Kevin retires from the police force, he thinks life will be all about hanging out with his wife and kids and going on the occasional adventure with fellow retirees, Goody and Duffy, and his brother Kyle. A different narrative starts to take shape when he discovers his wife, Donna, has been protecting him from certain family info while he was out keeping the streets safe. It turns out that their oldest daughter, Kendra, wants to drop out of college and get a job to support her fiance, their middle child, Sara, is struggling at school, and their youngest, Jack, is a hypochondriac. For the time being, Kevin will have to postpone a life of leisure and work on keeping his family in shape.

Kevin James Kevin James
 Kevin Gable (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Erinn Hayes Erinn Hayes
 Donna Gable (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Taylor Spreitler Taylor Spreitler
 Kendra Gable (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Ryan Cartwright Ryan Cartwright
 Chale (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Gary Valentine Gary Valentine
 Kyle Gable (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Lenny Venito Lenny Venito
 Duffy (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Leonard Earl Howze Leonard Earl Howze
 Tyrone ‘Goody’ Goodman (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
James DiGiacomo James DiGiacomo
 Jack Gable (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Mary-Charles Jones Mary-Charles Jones
 Sara Gable (24 episodes, 2016-2017)
Christopher Brian Roach Christopher Brian Roach
 Mott (14 episodes, 2016-2017)