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The North Of The Earth (北方大地)

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Subtitle: HD Director: Haas to Lu Runtime: 45 Status: Completed Episode: 34/34 Release:

The North Of  The Earth (北方大地)

In the spring of 1992, in the Daqingshan City seventh milk factory on the brink of collapse, Wang Zhongtian by careful consideration, resigned from the work of the team contracted the milk seven plants.

Enterprise early difficult, Wang Zhongtian decided to invite Sharon to join the team, the two powerful combination of overturned the original director Liu Yongde led by the conservative forces, so that enterprises on track, a well-known listed company “Tianxu Group.

During the death of Wang Zhongtian wife, so that Sharon Lin rekindled the love of Wang Zhongtian, but he worried that this will affect the relationship between the two partners, he refused to Sharina, rushed and plant workers Zhang Ling married, This makes Sharon’s hit.

The cause of the bigger and bigger, however, Wang Zhongtian improper management of the enterprise and melamine incident and other reasons to make the Tianchi Group once again into the bottom. Sharon’s another land group competes with it.

At this time of Wang Zhongtian after a long period of precipitation and thinking, and finally the development of life and career have a more profound understanding. He took the initiative to find Sharina proposed two companies to abandon the hatchet, and finally re-cooperation, to build a world-class dairy brand goal.

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