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Rich Family’s Son (부잣집아들 / 富家公子)

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Showtime: Broadcast period: 2018-March-25 to 2018-Sep-09 Air time: Sunday 20:45 (2 episodes back-to-back)
Subtitle: HD EngSub, ChinSub Director: Choi Chang Wook Shim So Yun Runtime: 35 minutes/episode Status: Onplaying Episode: Ep.92-SUB/100 Release:
Title: Rich Family's Son (부잣집아들 / 富家公子)

Rich Family’s Son (부잣집아들 / 富家公子)

Title: 부잣집아들 / Rich Family’s Son
Also Known as: Wealthy Son
Chinese Title: 富家公子
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 100 (To Be Confirmed)


Lee Kwang Jae (Kim Ji Hoon) is the son of a rich family and he is immature. His father dies and leaves behind large debts. For his father’s honor, he struggles to pay off his debt. Meanwhile, Kim Young Ha (
Kim Joo Hyun) is a young lady with her bright and positive personality who supports Lee Kwang Jae.


Main Cast

Kim Joo Hyun as Kim Young Ha
Kim Ji Hoon as Lee Kwang Jae
Lee Kyu Han as Nam Tae Il
Hong Soo Hyun as Kim Kyung Ha

People around Kwang Jae

Kang Nam Gil as Lee Kye Dong
Lee Seung Yeon as Nam Soo Hee
Woo Hyun as Choi Hyo Dong
Yoo Chul Hyung as Nam Soo Hwan

People around Young Ha

Kim Young Ok as Park Soon Ok
Jung Bo Suk as Kim Won Yong
Yoon Yoo Sun as Park Hyun Sook
Kim Min Kyu as Kim Myung Ha
Elkie Chong as Mong Mong
Jun Soo Kyung as Na Young Ae
Park Jae Jung as Kim Jong Yong
Shim Eun Jin as Seo Myung Sun


Park Soon Chun as Seo Bok Soon
Lee Chang Yub as Choi Yong
Yang Hye Jin as Park Seo Hee

Production Credits

Production Company: LKH Productions
Chief Producer: Kim Seung Mo
Directors: Choi Chang Wook, Shim So Yun
Screenwriter: Kim Jung Soo

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