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Rock Dog/摇滚藏獒(2016)

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Subtitle: TS Director: Ash Brannon Runtime: 90 min Status: Onplaying Release:
Title: Rock Dog

For the Tibetan mastiffs on Snow Mountain, a dog’s life has a simple riff — guard a peaceful village of sheep from the thuggish wolf Linnux and his rabid pack. To avoid distractions, mastiff leader Khampa forbids all music. However, when his son Bodi discovers a radio that fell from the sky, it takes just a few guitar licks for the lad’s fate to be sealed. Wanting to be a rock ‘n’ roll star, Bodi heads to the city to locate Angus Scattergood, a legendary musician who needs to write a new song.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Luke Wilson Luke Wilson
Bodi (voice)
Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard
Angus Scattergood (voice)
J.K. Simmons J.K. Simmons
Khampa (voice)
Lewis Black Lewis Black
Linnux (voice)
Kenan Thompson Kenan Thompson
Riff (voice)
Mae Whitman Mae Whitman
Darma (voice)
Jorge Garcia Jorge Garcia
Germur (voice)
Matt Dillon Matt Dillon
Trey (voice)
Sam Elliott Sam Elliott
Fleetwood Yak (voice)