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Song of Phoenix (思美人)

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Showtime: Sunday to Thursday update 2 Ep . Friday Saturday with the new 1 Ep
Subtitle: EngSub 40/81 Director: Ding Yanguo Zhang xiaozheng Runtime: 45 Status: Completed Episode: 72/72 Release:
Eng Title : Song Phoenix
Original title
Romanized title
Si Mei Ren
Volunteer Team
Gone with the Shirt Team
Broadcast Network
Hunan TV
Broadcast Period

Song Of Phoenix
During the Warring States Period, Qu Yuan falls in love with a slave girl causing discord in the state of Chu. Due to this, the lovers elope but are nonetheless drawn into court politics and intrigue. Through this turmoil, Qu Yuan attempts too raise the country to power but eventually finds despair in the powers that be.

Born from a good family is the child prodigy, Qu Yuan. By unlikely circumstances, he falls in love with a slave, Mo Chou Nu. Because of their different status and identity, they cannot be together. Stubborn, the two have to go through countless obstacles to be together and get entangled in politics and palace schemes. It is also the story if how, step by step, Qu Yuan tries to save his country.


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