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Star April (繁星四月)

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Subtitle: EngSub 8/42 Director: Huang weijie Runtime: 45 Status: Onplaying Episode: 42/42 Release:

Chinese name :繁星四月
Starring :
Wu Qi Long , Qi Wei , Zuo Hang , Ren Yankai , Deng Cuiwen , Wei Lai , Wei Yu core , Wu Huaxin.

Ye Xiaoxing young became a well-known anchor, her boyfriend Xiao Han same career success.

Stars before the scenery, the hearts of hidden hidden. More than a decade ago, my sister accidentally lost, the mother became sex paranoid, the stars for the comfort of the mother can only choose to live instead of her sister.

Min’s appearance in April so that the stars harvest a valuable friendship, and Fu Xia’s pursuit is to let the stars and Xiao Han’s underground love to withstand the test. Occasionally, Fu Xia found the star boyfriend is his uncle Xiao Han, he can only reluctantly quit, quiet guardian.

The stars are found in April crush is Xiao Han, stunned and actually learned that April is his own lost sister, and the adoption of April is the mother of the stars.

The stars just want to pick up the secret alone, in order to maintain the happiness of all, but her Tolerance and efforts in front of the truth but seemed to hide something.

Embrace the hope and persistence, she broke through the misunderstanding, and ultimately rebuild their own perfect life

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