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Surgeons (外科医生 /外科风云)

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 Surgeons (外科医生 /外科风云)

类型: 剧情
制片国家/地区: 中国大陆
语言: 汉语普通话
首播: 2017-04-17(中国大陆)
集数: 45
单集片长: 45分钟
又名: 外科医生 / Surgeons

New Town Renhe Hospital, nurses Zhang Shumei was questioned with the wrong drug led to death of the patient was forced to leave the post, 4-year-old daughter was trafficked, Zhang Shu Mei trance two years after the car was killed by life.

Chinese-American surgical expert Zhuang Shu for the tracing 30 years ago, the truth of the accident Zhang Shumei mother looking for lost sister came to Metro Renhe hospital.

When the daughter of the deceased Lu Chenxi Shi Shi Fu from the growth of chest surgery for the doctor, but because of resentment for the first time offended the director of thoracic surgery sail was transferred to the emergency room.

Is Zhuang Shu repeatedly skilled skills Lu Chenxi back to the chest surgery table. Day and night to get along, Zhuang Shu’s medicine to Lu Chenxi astonishment, the patient’s thoughtful consideration also let Lu Chenxi reflection, the two gradually emotional, and ultimately,

Zhuang Shu found his sister, but also with the help of Lu Chenxi to restore the year when the mother The truth of the accident.

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