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Tai Chi Master/ The Door of Tai Chi (太极宗师之太极门)

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Chinese title: 太极宗师之太极门
English title: Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi
Genre: Action, Romance
Episodes: 40
Director: Hou Shu Pui (The Legend of Fragrance 活色生香)
Broadcast Period: April 172017
Kevin Cheng
Tina Tang
Ying Hao Ming
Crystal Yuan
Lin Yo Wei
Michelle Bai



During the Republic of China, Zhu elegant for the completion of his father’s wish, when the door was brutally destroyed, fled to Chenjiagou Tai Chi door.

Once the self-abandon the idea of ​​Zhu elegant in Liang Pu Fang and Chen Qingyuan under the guidance of Tai Chi door began to learn tai chi.

Zhu etiquette after learning tai chi, for the head to the revolutionary army, and relatives and friends together to Shanghai. In Shanghai, Zhu elegant side to promote tai chi, while waiting for the news of the revolutionary army. In the conspiracy to kill the father Zhang Linghai, Zhu elegant to find the secret of the leading stick, and ultimately with the help of the revolutionary army, completed his father’s last wish. After returning to Shanghai, Zhu elegant to protect Shanghai to peaceful liberation, and the Japanese Black Dragon will fight, and ultimately hit the Black Dragon will, smashing the ambition of the Japanese.

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