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The Razor (剃刀边缘)

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Showtime: 20/03/2017
Subtitle: HD Runtime: 45 Status: Completed Episode: 48/48

The Razor (剃刀边缘).In the thirties of the twentieth century, the ability of outstanding, witty and courageous, but not a firm belief in the pseudo-full police Xu Congliang ( article decoration) , in the Harbin Police Department sinister internal struggle, with excellent detection ability, won the police chief Jinrong Gui trust; on the other hand, Xu Liang from out of the office of criminal police chief Hai Guan ( Mai Li ornaments) affection and admiration for the Communists, and again helped off Hai pull through, and in a number of operations and shut Hai fought side by side, Grow up for a real communist. In the bloody puppet police hall, Xu Congliang has been the edge of the razor, and Guan Haidan from hostile to cooperation, and then to the heart and mind , and ultimately won the love of Guan Haidan, but also gain a firm belief