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TV Novel – Waves, Waves (TV소설 – 야파도야 파도야 / TV小說- 波濤啊,波濤啊)

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Showtime: Broadcast period: 2018-Feb-12 Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Subtitle: HD English, ChinSub Director: Lee Duk Gun Runtime: 35 minutes/episode Status: Completed Episode: FULL : Ep.143(143-Sub)/143 Release:
Title: TV Novel – Waves, Waves (TV소설 – 야파도야 파도야 / TV小說- 波濤啊,波濤啊)

TV Novel – Waves, Waves (TV소설 – 야파도야 파도야 / TV小說- 波濤啊,波濤啊)

Title: TV소설 – 야파도야 파도야 / TV Novel – Waves, Waves
Chinese Title: TV小說- 波濤啊,波濤啊
Genre: Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 143 (To Be Confirmed)


This is a family drama which tell the story of a family of five women who lost their property and became separated families after the war.


Main Cast

Ah Young as Oh Bok Shil
Park Jung Wook as Han Kyung Ho
Jay Kim as Cha Sang Pil
Jang Jae Ho as Oh Jung Hoon
Seo Ha as Uhm Soon Yeong
Noh Haeng Ha as Hwang Mi Jin
Kim Jung Hyun as Oh Jung Tae
Jung Yoon Hye as Kim Choon Ja

People around Bok Shil

Lee Kyung Jin as Lee Ok Boon
Ban Hyo Jung as Hong Ki Jun
Lee Shi Hoo as Oh Jung Woo

People in The Company

Sun Woo Jae Duk as Hwang Chang Shik
Sung Hyun Ah as Chun Geum Geum

People around Kyung Ho

Kwon Oh Hyun as Han Chun Sam
Lee Kyung Shil as Yang Mal Soon

People around Choon Ja

Jung Seung Ho as Kim Sang Man


Lee Joo Hyun
Park Sun Young
Kim Hyo Won
Kim Ye Ryung
Kang In Duk

Production Credits

Director: Lee Duk Gun
Screenwriters: Lee Hyun Jae, Lee Hwang Won

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