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The White Princess S0-01 (2017)/白公主第一季

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Subtitle: HD Director: N/a Runtime: N/A Status: Onplaying Episode: 8 Release:
Title: The White Princess
Actors: N/a,

In a tale of power, family, love and betrayal, “The White Princess” — adapted from Philippa Gregory’s best-selling novel of the same name — follows up the BBC/Starz miniseries “The White Queen.” It’s told from the perspective of three noblewomen waging an ongoing battle for the English throne at the conclusion of the War of the Roses. Promised in marriage to the newly crowned King Henry VII in hopes that it will unite the Kingdom, Princess Elizabeth (aka Lizzie) instead resents and plots against him. She matches wits and wills with Lady Margaret Beaufort, King Henry VII’s mother, each maneuvering to gain his trust. Meanwhile, Lizzie’s mother, Dowager Queen Elizabeth Woodville, struggles with rumors that her long-lost son Prince Richard is alive — forcing Elizabeth into choosing between her new Tudor husband and the boy who could be her own blood and the rightful York King.

Jodie Comer Jodie Comer
 Princess Elizabeth (8 episodes, 2017)
Jacob Collins-Levy
 Henry VII / … (8 episodes, 2017)
Chris Barnicoat Chris Barnicoat
 Tudor Guard (8 episodes, 2017)
Rebecca Benson Rebecca Benson
 Margaret Plantagenet (8 episodes, 2017)
Mark Anthony Games Mark Anthony Games
 Tudor Servant (8 episodes, 2017)
Ian Massey Ian Massey
 Tudor Servant (8 episodes, 2017)
Katie Powles Katie Powles
 Princess Elizabeth Lady in Waiting (8 episodes, 2017)
Samuel Rush
 Tudor Guard (8 episodes, 2017)
Vincent Regan Vincent Regan
 Jasper Tudor (2017) (6 episodes, 2017)
Taynee Lord Taynee Lord
 Princess Elizabeth Lady in Waiting (5 episodes, 2017)
Michelle Fairley Michelle Fairley
 Margaret Beaufort (4 episodes, 2017)
Essie Davis Essie Davis
 Dowager Queen Elizabeth (4 episodes, 2017)
Suki Waterhouse Suki Waterhouse
 Cecily of York (2017) (4 episodes, 2017)
Heidi Ely
 Princess Bridget (4 episodes, 2017)