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Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud (轩辕剑之汉之云)

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Subtitle: HD Director: 潘文杰 金沙 Runtime: 45 Status: Completed Episode: 58/58 Release:

Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud (轩辕剑之汉之云)
Ancient Huangdi defeated the group of magic, fighting in the earthquake split into two parts of the sword into Jian Qi. The Eastern Han Dynasty, Jian Qi has become Chaoyang and Muyun. That time, human one

On the Chaoyun, Muyun brothers were born, but because of the war lost from childhood. After adulthood, the brothers meet at the junction of Shu Wei, Chaoyun is flying feather army warrior, Muyun is the Bronze Warriors, both sides of the main for each other without their knowledge. Tongjiao army generals Chunyu more tyrannical no way, indiscriminate killing innocent, often invaded Shu. Feiyu Jun for the security of the people, and Tongko army often campaign, Chaoyun and Muyun also on the battlefield soldiers meet. To be gradually aware of the truth after the cloud, the efforts of the brothers in the family to help save the twilight in the distress. Seeing the war in the cloud, the war led to the people, who were bitter and gerious, and vowed to the land of the people, who, with the help of the tribal girl Yahath, had overcome the difficulties and found the symbol of the Yellow Emperor’s sword and spiritual strength, , The conviction of peace. The final brother of the heart, together to defeat the tyranny of Chunyu Yue, Feiyu Tongque sword for the plow, to eliminate the war, Paul one side of the people of peace. Sword of the legend, stretching eterna

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